Trick or Treat – The Roan & Paris Halloween short

Available as a download from Dreamspinner Press as part of their “Halloween Howl” promotion, it’s now here, in case you never found it or got a chance to read it. N.B.” For completists, this takes place just before Infected: Prey. ****   ROAN looked at the articulated skeleton on his office door with a frown. “No.” Paris grinned, like he was making a joke. “You are such a stick in the mud. It’s cute!” “We’re a detective agency. We don’t put skeletons on our doors or have bowls of candy on our desks,” Roan exclaimed, aware he was sounding just like an uptight asshole. Gods, shoot him now. “What kind of demented child would go trick or treating at an office park anyway?” Paris plopped down behind...

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