Andrea Speed Library

Wondering where to find Andrea Speed’s work? Here is a list of all of the published items her work has appeared in. To get a copy of any of her fiction, please visit the store links on the left side of the page!



Infected: Prey
Infected: Bloodlines
Infected: Life After Death
Infected: Freefall
Infected: Shift
The Infected series is published by Dreamspinner Press

Josh of the Damned

Pretty Monsters
Josh of the Damned Triple Feature
The Josh of the Damned series is published by Riptide Publishing


The Little Death
published by Dreamspinner Press


Strange Angels – Release date TBA
published by Riptide Publishing

Short Stories

Rex Libris #9purchase
published by SLG Publishing


Making Contact
published by Dreamspinner Press

 Introductions by Andrea Speed

Bomb Queen, Vol. 2: Dirty Bombpurchase
Diary of A Catering Whore

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