Infected: Fallout releases soon!

Hello! Well, with everything going on in the world, it seems kind of ridiculous to do book promotion or anything else, because who cares? So I’ll be releasing Infected: Fallout next week, on the 10th. Because why not? I hope we’re all here to read it. Below is the cover and blurb.

Infected: Fallout – Roan and Dylan’s life has changed since harboring a runaway infected, and weathering Roan’s notoriety from the Profeta case. Still, it’s not all bad news – a mid tier celebrity wants to hire Roan for an unusual case. Only the case takes a dark turn, and while trying to deal with it, Roan also has to deal with a medical issue. It falls to Roan’s family – including reckless Holden and imposing teddy bear Grey – to figure things out, and find a killer before he kills again.

A man looks over a city bridge, his back to the camera. Everything is saturated in red.

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