Bandcamp Friday tomorrow! Here are some recommendations…

If you like it weird and/or loud, this might be up your alley. Although there is some stuff for people who like actual music in their music. I’m done my best to tamp down my weirdest impulses.

Sargent House

Am I recommending an entire label? Well, yeah. They’re been putting out some great stuff lately – the new Russian Circles album, the new Brutus, a new Botch track, The Armed’s whole deal, and other people such as Chelsea Wolfe and Helms Alee. It’s hard to go too wrong with their line up. Like it aggressive? Just park your butt here.

Holy Fawn – Dimensional Bleed

Speaking of loud and weird, I’ve already pre-ordered this album. It’s an amalgam – it’s metal, it’s shoegaze, and simultaneously both and neither, depending on the song. I discovered them by doing a deep dive on Bandcamp, and I stumbled upon their honestly transcendent EP Black Moon. It gave me the feeling I often want my readers to feel – this is neat, but oh my God, why is this so unsettling? The new record promises more of this, so I’m in, baby.

Deathbomb Arc

Yes, second record label recommendation. They’re noisy, they’re weird, they have stuff you didn’t know existed. Noise, electronic, rap, industrial, ambient – they’ve probably got you covered. The amount of stuff I have from them is ridiculous.

Chat Pile – God’s Country

This is very much album. It’s also a very political album. The world is fucked up and they’re mad about it. As we all should be.


What do I know about him? He’s an electronic/experimental musician out of Nairobi, and his music is beautiful. Give him a listen.

Asunojokei – Island

Would you like some black metal/shoegaze from Japan? Of course you would. Turn it up and drive the neighbors crazy.

Mystryl -Velvet Garden

Want something more mellow? Enjoy some dark ambient electronica from the Netherlands. We’re traveling the world.

Rachika Nayar – Heaven Comes Crashing

Some mostly instrumental, guitar based experimental ambient electronic for you. Which is a mouthful to say, but it sounds great.

Logan Lynn – New Money

Was I going to end this list with anything but gay synthpop? Possibly. But I felt this was probably much more pleasing than experimental industrial noise. I got some weird tastes.

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