An all Infected cast one card tarot read

I was informed today was World Tarot Day, which I didn’t know was a thing, even though I have and can read Tarot cards. In my latest book, Infected: Fallout, someone does one card quick reading for some members of the cast. Rather than simply name cards for them, I pulled one for each character. Not only did it work narratively, but it was a lot of fun. So today, the whole cast gets a one card reading.

Dylan – Knight of Swords

Traditionally this card either means a dashing young man, or the coming or going of misfortune. But all I see is Roan here. Roan really is his defender, and personal One Punch Man. And also? Dylan’s career has been on an upswing lately, so it can mean that as well. Good for him.

Fiona – Ten of Pentacles

She’s rich, bitches! This card could also mean realizing how fortunate you are, but come on – this is a card all about having bank. And honestly, I’m glad she’s living her best life. She always deserved to.

Holden – Eight of Cups

One of the melancholy cup cards, and it figures he’d get that. Traditionally, it means disappointment in love, although it can also be defined as blazing your own trail if you’re generous. I’m beginning to think Holden may be aromantic, so I’m not sure a disappointment in love would bother him, and he does blaze his own trail. But the card itself can also mean frustration, and yeah, I can see that for him. For his strong personality, he has been feeling a bit lost lately.

Scott – Two of Swords

Interesting. This is the card of stalemate, or balance, depending on your point of view. It’s a very intellectual sword card, believe it or not, so why would our bisexual hockey boy get it? Except, it makes sense to me. Of all the hockey players in the cast, Scott has always been the most “normal” one. He’s a good guy, who happened to develop an ill fated crush on Holden, and is the queerplatonic relationship with gentle giant Grey. He’s out, he’s doing well professionally, everything seems to be good in his world. Like Fiona, he deserves this.

Grey – Ten of Cups

Oh, of course Grey would get the best card yet pulled. The ten of cups is literally rainbows and sunshine, contentment and victory, and that fits him to a tee. He’s out as ace, has a term for his close relationship with his brother  from another mother in Scott, and he could beat the hell out of everyone. But he’s really a big cinnamon roll, just one with a nasty right hook. I mean, if he’s this tough when he’s happy, imagine how he’ll get if he’s mad.

Maya – King of Wands

What an intriguing pull from the latest addition to our cast. Since court cards often refer to a person, you’d think maybe it’s Roan peeking out his head again, but I’m going to say no on that. Reading it from a non-human standard, this is a good card which tells you you’ll succeed in whatever you’re setting out to do, and finding unexpected solutions to problems. I’d say moving in with an infected and his husband was a totally unexpected solution to her problem of being thrown out of her house, and she is weirdly thriving in this new environment. Oh, and if this does refer to a person? It’s Dylan, 100 %.

Tank – The Lovers

Our first major arcana, and it’s for our lovably weird goalie. Somehow that makes sense. Also, there’s not a huge amount of subtext with this card – you’re in love, or showing your love to others. And he is, as he is crazy about Fiona, and oh yeah, he may be a submissive? Who’s in love with a dominatrix. Match made in heaven.

Dee – Five of Wands

Okay, this is a strange card for him, you’d think. Traditionally it means competition and strife, but it can also mean you’re a contrarian, or have an opposite opinion to those you know. And it makes sense, as he wishes Roan would stop his whole fighting the world thing and just take care of himself, but he also knows that’s probably never happening. Poor Dee. He’s right, but sadly, that sometimes doesn’t matter at all.

Chai – The Chariot

Second major arcana!  And I know this is one most people look at and say “what the fuck is that supposed to mean”. Which is fair, but understand you’re dismissing a great card. This is the victory card – whatever you’re doing? Nailed it. No notes. You kicked ass, you chewed bubblegum, you took names, and no one was ever even close to your lane. You are on the top step, and you can’t possibly go any higher. Which I think is true, as Chai is a great investigator. He may have stumbled into the job, but it was apparently the one he was always waiting for.

Dropkick – Nine of Cups

This is a card of contemplation, as you might guess. It can also mean you are – or you should – take stock. And it makes sense for her, as she is starting to reflect on her life, and wonder if the career she has is the one she wants. Makes perfect sense to me.

Roan – Strength

Last but never least, and the third major arcana of the draw, it seems a little too on the nose. I mean, it’s the tarot card with the lion on it. And again, this isn’t a card with a whole lot of nuance. It doesn’t mean physical strength – although in Roan’s case it could – it means you’re a person taking bold action, resisting your worst impulses, triumphing over inner demons. Now we can have a good laugh at that – Roan would be the first one to do so– but things have changed for him. He used to agonize over maybe not being completely human, but now he’s come to accept that’s he’s not, and it kicks total ass. Oh sure, there’s the synesthesia, and being overwhelmed by scents and stuff, but with Roan on your side, you can bet all your money you’re getting out alive. As for others? Well … I guess that’s where the strength comes in, and whether he’s having a good day or a very bad one. To put it in meme terms , he knows he’s superhuman, and he’s about to make that everyone else’s problem. Classic Roan.

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