The 50k words playlist!

I’ve just crossed 50,000 words on my work in progress, Infected: Fallout! And on this occasion, I’ve put together a little playlist of what I’ve been listening to, and what may have some relevance on the new story.

This song might actually give away some of the plot, but it’s so vague, I feel it’s pretty safe.

I’ve said Crystal Sword is very much a song that reminds me of Roan. Well, this is a song that reminds me of Holden. (Yes, he’s in the story.)
Also in the story? Grey. Feel free to to guess why this is the song for him.

Dee did say that Roan reminds him of an Elliott Smith song. And yes, Dee’s here too.

Got to have some nice, heavy instrumental rock. Which is also, strangely enough, deeply anti colonialist. You have to love it.

What about some moody music. What does it mean? Hmm …

Have a bit more moody music.
Not giving too many hints is kind of frustrating, isn’t it?

Lovely Holden energy here.

You get to decide the energy of this one.

Here’s a nice song. Nothing sinister there.
This reminded me a little of Dylan.
I assure you, this is no one in particular.

Another one where you make the call.

Yes, this is for Roan. But I think everyone generally agrees with the sentiment.

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