Sunday Mix Tape

So I decided to do another random music shuffle, to prove I’m alive and still writing. Sometimes while I’m writing I have my ipod on shuffle and listen to whatever, and sometimes an interesting mix comes up. And this is one of them.


Grove – Fuck Ur Landlord

You know you’re in for a fun time when this one kicks everything off.

Elliott Smith – Ballad of Big Nothing

Talk about whiplash! Although the songs have something in common – they’re both very angry. But only Grove sounds like it.

These Arms Are Snakes – Horse Girl

Please get used to this musical phase shift. It happens quite a bit with me.

Shredders – Xanthrax

Another tonal and genre change. I think that’s the advantage of having so many songs at your disposal.

Health – Cyberpunk

Health is a fun band, in you’re never sure what they’re going to sound like. I mean, they have a general sound, but they’ll do team ups with anyone, and it’s pretty fun. This is a more mellow track from them.

What Cheer? Brigade – Iahabibi

Welcome to the weirder side of my playlist. I also kind of love that a tuba player has a paying gig in a rock band.

Twilight Sad – The Room

Way to bring the mood down, guys! But, to be fair, their name promises it from the start.

The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist

Back to the weird side, with this daffy number from The Avalanches. And coming after The Twilight Sad? That’s just *chef’s kiss* timing.

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