Saturday Music Mix

Another day, another random music mix. Why not?

Kilo Kish – Collected Views From Dinner

Kilo! Not a bad start to things. And if you ever get a chance to see her live – even virtually – you should. She’s awesome.

clipping – Baby Don’t Sleep

Ooh, fun. About a guy being hunted while also being literally lost in space.

Sisters of Mercy – This Corrosion

Aww yes! Rise up, my old school goth fans. Listen to a bedrock hymn of our ghostly people.

My Chemical Romance – Thank You For The Venom

Ha! Rise up my emo people, for here is one of your foundational bands. (For Infected readers only – this is Dylan’s favorite band. Really!)

The Twilight Sad – Dead City

At times, it really does seem like my ipod is trolling me, but no, I do this to myself without intending to. It feels like this has become a list within a list of very emotive male singers with very distinct voices. At least I have a type.

Uniform – Dispatches From The Gutter

And this might fall into that category too, although it’s more shouty.

Faith No More – Digging the Grave

This definitely fits the theme.

Queen Zee – Lucy Fur

Considering all the trouble Lil Nas X kicked up, it makes you wonder if all these pearl clutchers heard this song from a couple of years ago, by an equally gay band. I mean “fuck god/hail Satan” has absolutely no wiggle room in it. Wonder why this didn’t bother them. (Not as well known, and also white? Hmm.)

Thom Yorke – Black Swan

Ha! This is a good one to wrap it up on. Yes, this is fucked up indeed.

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