Random Weekend Music Mix

It’s been a bit, so here’s a new playlist to remind everyone I’m still alive, and still writing.

Smile Machine – Pretty Today

Ethereal, shoegaze like vocals over grunge influenced rock. Sounds good to me.

Divide and Dissolve – Far From Ideal (Chelsea Wolfe Remix)

Starting off with some big feminine energy here, and I like it. Of course, from the ethereal to the haunting, with more than a little anger in it. D&D and Wolfe should collaborate more.

Chvrches & Robert Smith – How Not To Drown

A man finally shows up, and it’s Robert Smith. Somehow that seems appropriate. Hands up – who guessed The Cure would have so much of an influence on modern music?

Antonioni – Mouth Breather

Yes, another woman fronted band, but a Seattle band this time. Which has to mean something.

Author & Punisher – Excess (Perturbator cover)

Ha! The men are here, and they’re noisy, which fits. Author & Punisher is a one man industrial/noise act, but this cover is him at his most … tuneful? I can’t quite say commercial, but he’s trying to be on his best behavior here, and kudos for that.

Kilo Kish – Nice Out

Sorry about the musical whiplash. From flirting with industrial music to flirting with dance music. Well, you can dance to anything if you’re determined enough.

Backxwash – Blood In The Water

Backxwash might honestly be the perfect bridge between Author &Punisher and Kilo Kish. Listen! I mean, I can kind of hear it.

Mydgar – Euphoria

A cross between vaporwave, John Carpenter soundtracks, and a bit of shiny dance music? Why not?

Pom Pom Squad – Lux

Why not end it here, with another woman fronted band. There’s so many of them!

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