Random Music Monday

Holy shit, what a rough week. Let’s try and distract ourselves with some tunes.

clipping – Blood of the Fang

Considering this week – and honestly, the last few years, decades, century – this feels like an ironically dark and appropriate opening gambit. I mean, the “Hands up don’t shoot” line is the first honestly chilling moment, and the second is the repeated line “They still shooting”. Yeah, they are. And Diggs’ flow could kill us all, but so far he hasn’t weaponized it. yet.

Police Teeth – Send More Cops

Can an ipod weaponize sass? Because, wow, coming after Blood of the Fang? For those not in the know, the line “Send more cops” is from the horror movie Return of the Living Dead. It’s a zombie movie, and a zombie says that into a radio. Because they just killed everyone on site, and they’re still hungry. It’s a lunch order. And they say ’80’s satire no longer plays?

Kanga – Godless

I guess this is our palette cleanser. Also, I had no idea people still made videos like this.

The Real Tuesday Weld – Bathtime in Clerkenwell

Everybody has that song you’re not a hundred percent sure how it ended up on your ipod, right? So this is mine. A musical ghost haunting a crumbling empire. Also my ipod.

The Armed – An Iteration

If I don’t have a song that sounds something like this, I fear people who know me will think there’s something wrong with me.

Feminazgul – In The Darkness Bind Them

A rare quieter instrumental track from this otherwise hard death metal band. And if you don’t believe me on that, click through their other videos on YouTube.

September Girls – Green Eyed

An all girl rock band from Dublin! Kind of cool.

Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou – Hollywood

Alt folkie Emma teams up with death metallers Thou, and it sounds really good? Who would have guessed?

Ed Balloon – Fiend

Let’s end on a visit to the strange side of my ipod, this time courtesy of Ed Balloon. And no, my ipod isn’t all strange. Just a lot strange.

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