Music Mix Monday

We’re just going random again. Let’s see what we get.

Metz – Blind Youth Industrial Park

I did not realize this had a big video attached to it, but it does. It’s a weird one.

Future of the Left – Arming Eritrea

We are developing a shouty/loud theme, music wise. Pretty much par for the course for me.

Murder City Devil – Bear Away

This is one of those rare songs that I think is better in its live form. Why? Listen to it. It still slaps.

Zeal & Ardor – Devil Is Fine

This is a slight deviation from the theme, but not really, because most Zeal & Ardor songs are ten times harder than this. But the lyrics fit perfectly.

Babymetal – Distortion

And here we have Babymetal’s drummer just going ham, and frankly I love songs like that. Let the drummer go nuts. You know they want to.

Bartees Strange – Mustang

Okay, a true deviation! Not really loud or shouty. (Maybe a tad shouty.) But still good.

Ladytron – Ghosts

Ladytron are not loud or shouty. They are ice cold chrome and deep eeriness. What’s not to love?

Modest Mouse – Dashboard

What no one knows about this song is I classify it as Roan’s life theme. Just for the repeated phase “It would have been could have been worse than you will ever know”. Yep, pretty much, and he’d admit it too. I too know this feeling well.

Aesop Rock – Fixed and Dilated

Yeah, the theme is done, but a rap break is always welcome.

Pony – Couch

Ah, being the family disappointment. I relate to that a little too much. Seems like a good place to end this week’s random playlist.

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