Character Theme Songs

Ever since I mentioned that I felt Roan’s life had a theme, I realized a lot of my characters did, but I hadn’t shared them. So I’m doing it now. In a couple of cases, the characters had an opinion that differed from mine, but they won.


Of course, he kicked this all off, when I revealed his life’s theme song, as I saw it, was Modest Mouse’s Dashboard. Because the repeated theme of “It should have been could have been worse than you would ever know”, as … yes. Roan’s life has been a bit like a slow motion car crash, and yet somehow it’s still not the worst case scenario, and he knows it.


But the major conflict was in picking a personal theme, as Roan would personally pick a dozen songs, all shuffling through at different times. But in the end, there was one choice. And of course it was These Arms Are Snakes.

This song is slightly impenetrable and rather abstract – typical These Arms Are Snakes – but it contains an awful lot of body horror, which really hits home with Roan, as you might imagine. And Roan also likes the lines near the end “You want a face to forget/ Well I’m glad we met/ I think I’d look nice in your lawn” because it feels like something he might actually say to someone.

The lion. Does it deserve a theme song? Whether it does or not, I’ve assigned it one. Botch’s Hutton’s Great Heat Engine.

While the song is supposedly about someone being killed by lava, it works. What is lava but a destructive force of nature? Certainly Roan feels the lion plays that part in his life as well. Also, if you see lava, there’s a good chance you’re fucked, and that’s true if the lion comes out as well.


Aww, Paris. Poor sweet doomed baby. He was more a fan of electronica, and his choices reflect that. His life’s theme is this danceable but still sad song from Assemblage 23.

But Paris would refuse to remain that serious or sad, so of course his choice of personal theme song would be Orbital’s seminal track Satan.

Yes, it’s more a dance tune than anything else, but you know Paris would have hit a killer pose at the end of the song.


Oh boy. Sweet, measured Dylan has a tragic backstory to match Roan’s, and actually surpass it. So there really could only be one song for his life, this sad beauty about family violence by The Twilight Sad.

But it isn’t all sad in Dylan’s life, and while his goth proclivities are known, his favorite band is My Chemical Romance, which surprised me. So his personal song sort of makes sense.

It’s actually kind of uptempo without being aggressive. Which seems perfect for him.


Such a tough cookie. His life’s theme song is absolutely Faith No More’s Caffeine.

There’s actually a lot to unpack in this song, which also drifts towards the cryptic, but it hits on several points quite relevant to him. There’s lines that seem to suggest being closeted, or playing a part to get along, no matter how much it kills you. Holden was on track to live a closeted life, going along to get along, keeping his secret so his parents never found out. But he got outed and it exploded that life. Holden absolutely hates that he was ever like that, hence he’s been fighting against it violently ever since. The song also makes some vague nods at vengeance, which also is very much Holden’s thing. He is somehow simple and complicated at once, and this song fits that well.

Now, the personal theme song. Honestly, I thought Holden would choose something by Fall Out Boy, but he went with something much darker. Sleigh Bells’ Demons.


Yes, in retrospect it’s obvious. He’s a vigilante, and he would want something that reflects that. Still, I bet he could hit a decent pose at the end as well.

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