Writing update

Okay, so, writing type things going on with me.

As of the 23rd, Dreamspinner will no longer be publishing the Infected series. I have yet to decide on what I’m going to do with them. A new story in the Infected universe may be in the works, though, so stay tuned.

I ‘ve taken back all my Dreamspinner properties but one, an upcoming book titled Darlings of New Midnight. I signed the contract for it before I realized how bad things had gotten – what a bad time to be on a self-imposed social media break. They did pay the advance, and I can’t afford to pay it back, so it’s theirs for now. If you’re boycotting Dreamspinner and don’t want to buy it, that’s cool, I totally get it. I assume that someday, it’ll be independently published, or something like that. All I know is everything sucks. And yes, Dreamspinner still owes me money too, for back royalties, but probably not as much as others, because I don’t sell a ton. I’ve pretty much written off ever seeing it.

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