The blurb for Infected: Legacy

Guess who forgot to publish a blurb for this book, and expected you to buy it, sight unseen? Sorry. Self-publishing is a real learning curve.

The werecat virus has altered society, and for Roan McKichan, a born infected ex-cop turned private investigator, life is a capricious landscape.
With all the unknowns of his mutating virus, Roan has relocated to Canada, and he should be enjoying early retirement, but his restlessness makes it impossible to walk away from being a detective. Taking on the case of a missing teenager gives Roan the chance to use his heightened senses to see through the deceptions—and reunites him with a few old friends.
As Roan and Dylan adjust to their new reality, everything shifts again… when Roan discovers he might not be alone in his exceptional abilities.

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