Infected: Legacy – How Many Chapters Does It Have?

I’m hoping to get Infected: Legacy out by the end of the year – cross your fingers and let’s hope democracy/the world doesn’t blow up before then – but I’m also stuck with doing advanced hype for it. How on earth do I do that? I’m awkward at the best of times. I’m a writer, not a PR person. so while I ponder what to do, I decided to give you the titles of the first ten chapters of the story. If you know my previous Infected books, you’ll know the chapter titles are mostly song titles. Do they tell you what the chapter contains? Rarely. Often it’s more of an atmosphere thing. Keep that in mind as the chapter songs roll.


1 – The Reason They Hate Me (Daughters)

2 – Down To Drown (Night Sins)

3 – 10 Good Reasons For Modern Drugs (The Twilight Sad)

4 – Public Housing (The Twilight Sad)

5 – Exo (Ladder Devils)

6 – Sword Box (Malibu Ken)

7 – Cat People (Magic Wands)

8 – Seismic (Bulls)

9 – The Bisexuality of Distance (The Future of The Left)

10 – For Loving You I Pay The Price (Cindy Lee)

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