Five Song Friday

Decided to unearth five song Friday, because the world sucks. Let’s put the music on random, and see what comes up.

Neon Trees – New Best Friend

So when I first heard this song, I immediately thought of Holden and Scott. Oh, poor Scott. (Yes, I know they’re fictional. Still … )

Forest Bees – Subverter of Geography

Oh, it’s fun band name day! Forest Bees and Neon Trees should anchor a concert with Screaming Trees and Forest Swords. I mean, I’d go.

Christelle Bofale – Origami Dreams

This playlist has a kind of pop sensibility so far. Different for me.

Daughters – The Reason They Hate Me

Okay, this is more my usual speed, I suppose.

Metz – Pig

Yep, this is my ipod alright. Starts calm, ends noisy.

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