A preview of Infected: Legacy

As a holiday treat (?) I thought I’d post a bit of the upcoming Infected: Legacy (out December 18th). Here, Holden pays a visit, and we learn that he’s gone full antiifa … with some help from Roan?

Roan came back to find Holden making weird drink combinations in the kitchen, much to Dylan’s… amusement? Dylan’s aura was bleeding red, which meant some annoyance. But Holden did bring that out in him.

Holden looked subdued, at least for him. His hair was pale-brown, shaggy but short, and he was wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt and jeans that had probably been washed—and also in style—back around Seattle’s grunge phase. Still, with him wearing them, he was probably bringing them back into style again. Holden was also sporting eyeliner and black nail polish, like he was trying to drag a goth revival right along with it. And why not? He also had a cast on his left hand, which was new. It already had some profane graffiti on it too, Roan’s favorite of which was “Chai is telling you not to curse so fucking much.”

“Hey, Roan,” Holden said, putting a glass on the kitchen counter. “Want a glass of spearmint-strawberry-lemon tea juice?”

He seemed weirdly proud of that. Roan shrugged. “Sure, why not?” As he picked up the glass, he asked, “What happened to your hand?”

“Oh, this?” Holden replied, holding up his left hand. “Didn’t you hear? The Guinness Book of World Records had the world’s biggest reach around line, and—”

“Would it kill you to tell the truth for once?” The drink was a bit weird, but it wasn’t bad.

“It actually might,” Holden replied. “I so rarely do it.”

“Give it a try.”

Holden stared at him a moment. “You know I’m going to make another jerk-off joke, right?”

Roan sighed and nodded. He hardly blamed him. He knew who he was talking to. “Fine. Do I have to guess how you got it?”

He shrugged. “You could try.”

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