Random Five Song Shuffle

Another terrible day, so I decided to do a random song shuffle to distract myself. Let’s go! (And yes, I’m an old person who still uses an iPod.)

Lost Arts – Marlowe (L’Orange & Solemn Brigham)

A sort of oldie now, but a good one. And to show you how out of the music video loop I am, I had no idea one existed for this song! So I am pleasantly surprised.

Milano – Russian Circles

Ooh, what a one-two punch. Rap followed by instrumental metal. But I think it works extremely well together. They kind of have the same energy. Propulsive and demanding attention.

Honesty – Eric Slick

Now this is pressing on the brakes. This a strange little song, but I like it. Can’t say why, though.

Dig A Fancy Grave – Sarah and the Safe Word

This might be the wish fulfillment anthem of 2019. We can only hope some of these assholes get just what they deserve. Where are all the guillotines?

Butt Phone – Bob’s Burgers

Aren’t we all, in some way, talking on a butt phone? Do I actually have this on my iPod? I do, along with a couple of other Bob’s Burgers songs, because I enjoy them so much, and they generally make me smile when little else does. What’s with this surprisingly succinct song? Well, in this episode, someone went to jail, but they’re still calling the restaurant. Now you know how.

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