Flash Fic October – Mine

Hello everyone. Because I have a whole bunch of doctor’s appointments and surgery coming up, I decided I’d write horror flash fics throughout the month. I can’t say how often they’ll spring up, because my schedule is weird. But expect horror – some weird, some funny, all of them written by me. The first one up is about monsters, both literal and figurative.



The child was in the closet.

Monster couldn’t believe it. When the veil between worlds thinned and they were able to step inside the human world, it expected to see what it always saw: clothes hung from a rail, stuck in infinite darkness. Why the barrier between the worlds always frayed in darkness was a mystery, but a good one, as most of them found sunlight too incompatible for their continued existence. And it seemed that human children, with their loose grasp on reality, were good focal points to pull them through the thinning veil.

But Monster had never had this situation before. The child – what was the name? It was fairly sure it was Ruthie, or something like that – was sitting against the wall, head on knees pulled up to her chest, arms around her head. She might have been asleep, except her body posture was so rigid that there was no way that was true. She hadn’t seen it come through, or even noticed it now. Monster stood, unsure what to do.

It was then it heard the noises.

There was arguing somewhere inside this house, a man and a woman , and there was loud music that barely covered it. It was a vibration felt through the walls and floor. It wasn’t the first time Monster had encountered that, but there was something thick and threatening about the tone. As a creature that fed on fear, Monster always welcomed it, but this seemed like a flood. Its volume caught Monster by surprise. Even in the closet, it was almost suffocating in sheer volume. The Monster liked it, but did not like the fact that he wasn’t responsible for it.

The noise came closer. A door slammed open, and the Man was bellowing something. Her name, profanities. “I goddamn told you not to mess with my stuff, you little bitch!” he roared. Things were thrown, items kicked over with heavy thuds.

The girl pulled a big coat over herself, never looking to see she wasn’t alone. She covered herself with it, looking like a pile in the corner. Monster was confused. Yes, he could consume this fear, but it was all so very perplexing. Was something else trying to take his territory?

The closet door slammed open, and the Man started to say something, but stopped dead at the sight of Monster. At the best of times, Monster only had a general idea of what they looked like. Much of the finer details were filled in by the children, but they knew they were tall, slender, made of shadows and night, and had so many teeth. It was more like a bear trap than anything resembling a human mouth.

The Man stood there, swaying slightly, smelling of alcohol and sweat. Monster roared, and threw him across the room, where he met the wall with the heaviest thud yet. Monster was on him before he could slide down and sunk its talons into him. “I am the monster here,” Monster hissed, its voice like gravel down a drainpipe.

Monster knew little, but it knew there were rules, and the rule was one monster per place. Monster was the monster – there were no others.

It slashed open the Man’s torso with a single swipe of its razor like claws, splattering shockingly red blood across the room. The Man made a noise, a sort of gurgling gasp, as Monster opened its jaw as wide as it would go, and bit off the Man’s head in a single bite.

The head was crunchy but remarkably tasteless. This was why feeding on fear was so much more satisfying. The Man’s blood was oily and sour. Monster could barely swallow it.

It turned to find the child now in the room, and staring at him in wide eyed shock. The taste of fear in the air was more familiar, and comforting. That was all it had wanted.

Monster returned to the closet, and let the darkness swallow it.

Rules were rules. And Monster would be damned if it gave up its food.

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