Five Song Sunday

I missed Friday somehow! Maybe it’s because I was in a rage fugue about America having concentration camps now. Because we are fucking monsters. But, okay, let’s try and momentarily distract ourselves with music.

The Hold Steady – Denver Haircut

Hey, The Hold Steady are back. Did they ever tour with Tom Waits? They should, as both tell stories in song format, usually about people who often don’t get songs written about them. Admittedly, Waits’ songs are usually much sadder.

Malibu Ken – Corn Maze

I have been leaning on this entire album lately for support. It calms my nerves, for reasons I can’t quite explain. Except it beautifully encapsulates how fucked up the world is right now, with great flow and a soothing, almost ambient background by Tobacco. What I’m saying is it’s still one of the best albums of the year, and it came out months ago. And I still listen to it all the time.

The Twilight Sad – Shooting Dennis Hopper Shooting

Speaking of albums that came out a few months ago, this one is still also in contention for album of the year. Nothing really political here, though, just general grief and rage, which is certainly close enough.

Ramonda Hammer – Better View

Here’s a newer album, with a new to me band. They kind of have a ’90’s thing going on, without being nostalgic, which is kind of neat.

65daysofstatic – KMF

And speaking of bands that are back, electronic musicians 65daysofstatic have also surfaced, and here’s them doing their thing. Yes, I enjoy this.

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