Five Song Friday

As America sinks deeper and deeper into autocracy, I thought I’d do this in case you didn’t want to think about how bad things are. (On the plus side, we probably have only a decade or so before global climate change kills us all, so that’s something to look forward to.) Anyhoo, let’s enjoy some new music while Rome burns.

Marika Hackman – I’m Not Where You Are

A lesbian break up song? The video makes it look that way. I’m here for it. Otherwise, the song is very catchy for being rife with alienation.

Russian Circles – Arluck

The heavy instrumentalists are back, to soundtrack the end times. Sounds good to me.

seablite – There Were Only Shadows

For those who need something a bit more shoegaze-y, here’s some for you.

Torche – Slide

For those who want something more sludgy and metal-ish, Torche has returned!

Drahla – Stimulus For Living

Let’s end on a weird note, with strange band Drahla. Give them a chance.

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