Five Song Friday

Mostly new, but one really old one, because it is still relevant, somehow. God, the world’s a fucking mess.

Metz – Dry Up

Okay, let’s get noisy. Although, for Metz, this isn’t that noisy. Maybe an eight and a half on their scale. But hey, Canada won a sport last night! So we needed some Canada rep.

Brutus – Cemetery

‘Speaking of noisy, here’s a slice of aggression from Brutus. I’m not sure if the video is genuine, ironic, or a bit of both. You decide.

Sarah and the Safe Word – Dead Girls Tell No Tales

On a different tip entirely, enjoy this band, who I don’t know a lot about, but I like their style. I’m sorry I didn’t find a video for them.

Christelle Bofale – Origami Dreams

Let’s try something a little more mellow. Yes, a change of pace, but we could all use one now and again.

Millions of Dead Cops (MDC) – Dead Cops/America’s So Straight

Okay, not new! But this felt appropriate for Pride month, and also, current times. Weird how an old punk song is still sadly relevant. (CW: Slurs)

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