The last WIP Interview

The last but not least person in my WIP interviews is Alex Rayasi, a genderfluid messenger for a god. I think. I still have many questions. But Alex definitely wins in the “my gods can eat all your gods” contest.


Can you give us the dating ap rundown? I’m Alex, they/them, not interested in a relationship because I have all that I need.


Are you in a relationship? Not as you understand it, no.


Uh, what do you mean? I don’t need another person for my happiness. I am very happy, and not alone.


Not alone? That’s the same as being in a relationship, is it? Depends on your point of view, I suppose.


Is this related to you being a messenger for Cthulhu? Cthylla.


Pardon? Cthulhu’s daughter. He sleeps, she watches. Although using gender binaries when referring to them is actually a bit of human fuckery. They’re not male or female. They are gods of all consuming darkness, and there are no binaries in the dark.


Uh … I’m not completely sure I follow you, but I’m willing to go with you. That’s okay. I realize most humans cannot grasp their magnificence. You think they’re fictional boogeymen.


Are you saying there’s no truth to the general assumption that to see them causes instant insanity? Oh no. If you look upon them, you are dead. You come away insane only if you’re very lucky.


Oh. So that’s why they interact with your world, to the small amount they do, through messengers. If they wanted to kill you all, they would. But it’s not time yet.

What? You mean they’re planning to kill the world? Oh, of course. But in good time. Now is not the time.


When is it? If you needed to know, you would.


That sounds like a threat. Not a threat. Simply the way things are.


Are you aware of the looming apocalypse? Yes. That’s why Cthylla suggested I find The Destroyer. Heaven and Hell have no right to destroy everything.


Because they – Cthulhu and Cthylla – intend to? Yes. When the time is right.


But Heaven and Hell want it. Can’t – They are powerless before us. They are tiny blips of energy in a cosmos too vast for them to truly comprehend. When the Earth is destroyed, Heaven and Hell will be destroyed too. All fall before the chaos. If we have to destroy them before the Earth, that can be arranged.


Uh, wow. Do Heaven and Hell know this? They should.


I’m a little terrified of you right now. Don’t be! We are no threat to you. As long as you don’t interfere with us.


I’d ask if you had a message for Heaven or Hell, but I’m almost afraid to. My only message is stop. Otherwise, if they have gods, they should run to them now. They won’t be able to save them, but perhaps they will bring them peace in their final moments.


I think I’d better go now, before I run screaming from the room. From me? I’m harmless. It’s my gods you need to worry about. Mostly.

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