Snippet of the new work in progress

Still no title – Apocalypse Nowish still remains on the table – but here’s a tiny bit of it. I’ll be posting a couple of these. First up, let me introduce you to Cthylla, Cthulhu’s daughter. She’s really not someone you want to invite to a party.




Logan had just beheaded an angel, who seemed deeply confused by this development, when the windows turned black. This time, out in it, Logan could see it wasn’t a dimming more than it was like a bloom of ink over the windows, rapid and gloomier than true darkness. Gooseflesh busted out all over his body, starting from his scalp all the way down to his toes, and he could taste something like ashes in his mouth. His muscles instantly weakened, and it seemed to take everything he had left to keep from collapsing. Cthylla’s approach was something you could feel, right down to your marrow. It was death, coming for you, as inescapable and unavoidable as a speeding train when you’re tied to the track. This must have been what an ant felt like the millisecond before it was squashed beneath a heel. It was so much bigger than you, and there was nothing you could do to make it see you. You were simply nothing to this monstrous thing. Humanity, angels, demons – nothing. Humbling wasn’t the word for this feeling. It was far too weak, and could not capture the empty despair at the base of it. The void was alive, and it was coming to eat you, and there was fuck all you could do about it.


“Cthulhu is coming,” one of the few unharmed angels shouted, sounding equally fascinated and horrified. “Why is Cthulhu coming?”



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