New Music Tuesday

Everything remains terrible, and unless you’re a straight white male, you’re about to have rights stripped away from you in the United States. But, here’s some new music I’ve been listening to, while trying not to die.

Zeal and Ardor have a new album out, called Stranger Fruit. It’s about slavery and racism, and like the album before, is an intriguing mix of old Negro spirituals and death metal. He is one of the best musicians in the world right now. Seriously. This is top to bottom amazing. And sadly, still topical.

Half of this group was killed in the tragic Ghostship fire, so this is the final album from the group Them Are Us Too. It’s a good album, and is all the more sad for it.

Some fine instrumental metal (?) from a group I’ve never heard of before, Sannhet. I bought the entire album, though, and it too is top to bottom amazing.

Here’s a group called Corey Flood, who have just released an EP of what I think you can call genuinely eerie alternative music. Everything sounds oh so slightly menacing, before you even read the lyrics. Them you read them, and it kind of gets worse. I admire that.

Roaring back in time to try and save all of us is weird Japanese girl group/metal band Babymetal. Who do flirt with cheesiness at all times, but remain ridiculously catchy and also as hard as hell, which is again, something to admire. I don’t know how you make that balance work, but they do.

The group The Darts have put out two new songs, and they’re both aces. I encourage you to check them out. I also wish there were more than two.

Death Grips, the weird noise/rap band is back, with more audio weirdness for your earholes. More than anything else on this list, this is really a love it or hate it sort of thing.

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