New Music Mondays

I haven’t posted for a bit, so why don’t you enjoy some new music while I get my act together.

The Twilight Sad are back! Now that the world has caught up to their particular brand of Scottish misery, they’re more relevant than ever.

Ladytron is also back! While not miserable, they do specialize in alienation as a sound, buried in a sugary coating that just enhances the unease, and again, this is perfect for the end times we seem to be living in. Again, more relevant than ever.

Speaking of alienation, here’s a good electronic track from Emika, that still manages to sound creepy as all get out. Yes, I do consider that a compliment.

Shadow Age have a new record out! It is shiny and pretty, and seems to be dominated by themes of near death and survival. Yes, you can imagine what I’m going to say here, so fill that in yourself.

Idles have a grinding album out again, that, yes, is era appropriate. Also, the video repeats a motif that appears in Emika’s videos, in bodies just laying on the floor/street, which I totally get. Some days, you just want to lay face down in the dirt, and never get up again.

Blood Orange has an album out, that deals with things in a more hopeful manner. And good on him, because it’s too easy to be depressed all the time.

Kilo Kish goes more for romance on her latest single, and why not? Again, being constantly heavy is too easy.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Single Mothers has a new album, which is more shouty, inchoate personal expression. You either like this type of thing, or you fucking hate it.

Nothing has a new album out too. And as always, it is super cheerful. Ha ha! It’s about the apocalypse. Which many of us would welcome at this point.

This isn’t that new, but after all this heaviness, I thought I’d end it with a song that’s sweet, funny, and extremely sad.

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