Mystery Science Theater 3000 Capsule review – Episode 1201: Mac and Me

Of course I’m watching the new MST3K season, and as I do, I’m posting my reviews. Here we go with the first one. No movie spoilers, if you want it to be a surprise, but honestly – none of these movies are worth it.


The rebooted Mystery Science Theater 3000 is back, with a shorter six episode season. They hand wave away the cliffhanger the Kinga/Jonah , which may annoy people, but it feels like a very MST3K to do. (And it may come back – this is episode one, after all.) It’s not important, let’s move on. So we do, and the first movie up is the epic piece of shit known as Mac and Me, a crass McDonald’s sponsored rip off of E.T.

I’ve known about this film but never seen it, although I felt like I had. Truth is, I hadn’t. Wow. If the sight of the cheap rubber puppet aliens doesn’t send you screaming away from your monitor, you’re a better person than me. My god – I’d take cheap CGI over that horror show. What the hell were the makers thinking by cheaping out on the rubber alien main character? Honestly, it looks like a combination between a knock off Dobby and a sex toy. (Yes, I know Dobby came years after this, but I dare you not to think of that much more endearing creation next to this.) Once you get past the horrible creature, the movie itself is amazingly terrible. It almost seems like a made shitty on purpose film, except this was made before the era of Sharknado, so it’s just a soulless corporate ripoff that a handful of people must have spent their whole weekend on.

It also has every ’80’s movie cliche in it, to the point where it must have played as inadvertent parody at the time of release. The one thing you could say for this film is at least it has a disabled protagonist, but it’s probably the only thing you can say for a film that is honestly, one of the most shitty movies I have ever seen. The cinematography is occasionally decent, but that somehow makes it worse. Speaking of which, there is a completely bananas action (?) sequence that comes out of nowhere near the end, and exists only so the aliens can show off their amazing resurrection powers. Which still pales to the actual end of this film, which just reminds you that it was a different time. If it took place today, Trump would have all the aliens in the film shot and killed.

So, in short, this is a really shitty movie. They riffers do a good job with it, but I think I’ve been scarred for life by this thing. Welcome back, MST3k – don’t you ever do that to me again. I’ll give it three rockets out of six.

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