Mystery Science Theater 3000 Capsule Review – 1206: Ator, The Fighting Eagle

Here we go, the last film of the abbreviated season. The final episode seems apt, as Cave Dwellers is a beloved classic of the first iteration of the series, and it was the sequel to this movie. If you’ve seen that episode, you saw tiny bits of this film in one of their interminable exposition scenes.

Is this movie as cheap as Cave Dwellers? Yes, absolutely. In fact, I think the same sets, slightly redressed, were used in both films. Probably costumes as well. The actors were mostly swapped out though, save for Miles, and I couldn’t even guess where the bear ran off to. But I hate to say I didn’t find this quite as good as Cave Dwellers, if you can even call that good. Which you can’t.

Maybe it hurts that I knew how the story was going to go. This ticks all the boxes trope wise, and does so in a very lethargic manner. Nothing stands out as extremely bad and goofy, as it’s all bad and goofy, and you could predict this story without seeing it. It’s not as fun as Cave Dwellers, or even Wizards of the Lost Kingdom from last season. This is one I’m going to have to view again I think, in case I was just having an off night or something, but I found this Ator sadly dull. There are some good riffs, but I was not feeling this one for whatever reason. Again, my knowledge of Cave Dwellers may have worked against me.

And the ending sketch gives us a kind of happy ending, making it feel like maybe this is the last season? Or maybe they’re hedging their bets in case it doesn’t get picked up for another season. Either way, it seems fitting. If it does end here, hey, they had a good run. There’s no shame in that.
Three out of six rockets for the episode, a solid four and a half out of six for the season.

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