Latest piece of the WIP

Esme uses her evil eye … and goddamn, we all need them. (Full marks to anyone who sees the Transmetropolitan homage in this.)






There were a lot of cars in the parking lot, but no people, so that was a bit of a break. “Damn, the pavement is really hot,” Lyn commented.


“Should have worn shoes,” Ahmed said, unhelpfully.


Lyn glared at him. “Next time I’ll wear Crocs.”


“Don’t you fucking dare,” Ahmed snapped. He hated Crocs and flip flops with an equal passion. Mainly because they were so damn ugly, and Logan agreed with him, but honestly, he didn’t care either way. Not true for Ahmed, who seemed to take every fashion faux paus personally. Except he’d given up complaining about Logan’s wardrobe, as he had already declared him a “hopeless case”, and once, very meanly, accused him of having straight man taste. Which seemed out of line.


They’d just crossed from the parking lot to the sidewalk, talking about how they could get people to evacuate the building, when a man walking down the sidewalk made obnoxious kissy noises, and leered at Esme. “Hey mamacita, give us a smile.”


Esme glared at him, and Logan saw a golden glow, suggesting she’d just activated her evil eye. “That burrito you had for lunch isn’t sitting very well, is it?”


The man looked briefly confused, until he grabbed his stomach, and looked mortified. “Holy shit,” he muttered, duck walking away at a good clip. Logan noticed the back of his jeans were wet.


“Did you make him shit himself?” Logan asked. As punishments went, that was ingenious and well deserved.


“Yeah. And I cursed him with hellacious irritable bowel syndrome that will only flare up when he’s a fucking asshole.”


Lyn chuckled, and Logan shook his head. “He’s spending the rest of his life in the toilet,” Ahmed noted.


“Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy,” Ceri said.


“Rest of his life?” Lyn replied. “I’m willing to bet he shits himself to death this weekend.”

Oh sure, there were worse people in the world, but no one needed to go out of their way to be obnoxious. That was the low level, but extremely pervasive evil in society that was better off gone.




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