Another character interview! (And work in progress mix!)

This time, my interview is with Ceri, who is an … interesting fellow. If you read Esme’s interview, you may already know this.

Want to do the dating ap breakdown? The what now?

The basics, of who you are. Well, I’m Ceri, human/demon hybrid.

That’s it? Do you need more?

Well, what’s your full name? How old are you? When’s your birthday? Things like that. By human measure or Hell measure?

What? Human time and Hell time are different.

Which do you go by? It depends on where I am. On Earth, human time. In Hell, Hell time.

Okay, so, how old are you in Earth years? No clue.

What? I’ve never done the math to figure it out. I don’t think it’s relevant. You do realize an apocalypse is nigh, right? I have other things on my mind.

Okay. How about just your name then? I told you. Ceri.

That’s not your name. That’s a nickname. Yes, because my father is an asshole who gave me a horrible name. Fine. You know what he thought of me? Figure it out. He named me Cerebus Morningstar.

Like the three headed dog ..? Yes. I’m supposed to be his attack dog. Fuck him.

I was about to ask you about the whole The Destroyer thing … Again, that’s all my father. And Heaven, I suppose.

Heaven calls you that? Well, they call me an abomination. Then they call me The Destroyer.

Because you’re supposed to end the world. Yes. Except I don’t want to.

So isn’t that apocalypse done? If you don’t want to do it, it’s not happening, right? No, not quite. My stupid father thinks he can somehow force me into it, and Heaven agrees.

Wait – Heaven wants the apocalypse? Yes. It’s suppose to happen, so they want it to go on as scheduled.

Are angels not good guys? There’s no good guys. Some are simply slightly less worse than others. Heaven and Hell are pretty much the same.

Wow. That is going to undo centuries of theology. It always struck me as odd that some people think angels watch after them. Since when? For what reason? Do great apes care about the lives of cockroaches? No. So why would angels give a shit about humans?

Ouch. That’s harsh. But true. Angels have no reason to think about humans. Neither do demons, except they love fucking with people.

So all we’re good for is shits and giggles? Pretty much. Sorry.

No, it’s okay. Honestly, it feels apt. Think of it this way – demons and angels are simply other dimensional beings that sometimes cross over into our dimension and start some shit.

Why don’t I get back on topic? How did you come to know the Losers? The Losers?

That’s what Esme decided your group name should be. Oh. Yeah, I could see her doing that. Umm, I came to know them all through Logan.

Your boyfriend? Yes.

Well then, how did you get to know him? Oh, uh … that’s a long, weird story, and I’m not sure it’s mine to tell. Let’s just say my father knew of him thanks to the angels, and he was the first earthling I had ever seen in person, and I needed a tour guide on Earth. It didn’t hurt that he was gorgeous, but I swear that was an afterthought.

Wait – if angels don’t care about humans, why would did they know about him?  Oh – they do give half a shit about people with angel blood in their families. Logan’s family has that.

How did he feel about being used as a tour guide? Not great. I’m afraid there was an adjustment period, where we had to learn to trust each other. But we got there, clearly. Having a common enemy helped a lot.

Lucifer? And Heaven, yeah.

But him being angel blooded, and you being half-demon, that seems … If you say poetic or ironic, I’m storming off in a huff.

It just seems weird is all. Life is weird.

I’ve been led to understand you don’t look like what I’m seeing in front of me. Right. I’m using a glamour, a small spell that makes me seem completely human. All demons who come to Earth wear them, because in their natural form, they don’t look remotely human.

And the same is true of you? No, not exactly.

So why the glamour? Umm … I’d rather not say. Let’s just say I find it useful, and leave it at that.

Should I be concerned? Nope.

Are you wanted in some state or another? Can’t tell you, or I’d have to kill you.

Very funny. Are you sure that was a joke?

Umm … Always leave them guessing. Logan taught me that.


And also! I have a work in progress mix, if you’d like to listen to it.

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