Six Song Wednesday – Another Trip Through Holden’s iPod

In the hopes of being a bit light-hearted, I decided to do a bit of character ipod surfing. I quickly concluded that Holden listens to more cheerful stuff than Roan, and how is that even possible?! But it’s true. Weird. So here we go, on a random tour of his ipod.

Wolf AliceHeavenward

It may be because Holden is a big fan of setting moods with music, and doesn’t necessarily listen to music specifically to overwhelm his senses like Roan, that he seems more upbeat. Leading to nice little moments like these.

My Chemical RomanceBoy Division

But we can’t forget that Holden, at his core, is pretty goddamn emo. He might admit that, depending on his mood.

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die Hilltopper

Which can also lead to things like these, songs that sound pretty chill, but have ominous lyrics such as “I hope you get what you deserve”. It could be meant in a good way, but I really don’t think it is.

Aquarian Hydropulse

It can also take us to the very edge of dance music, which Holden would never admit liking even a little bit. but he does kind of like some of it a little.

Bored NothingShit For Brains

It’s quite easy for me to believe Holden might want this as a funeral song, for himself, or maybe for his family. Possibly both.

Bob’s BurgersI Love U So Much (It’s Scary)

Yes, this is a boy band musical parody from Bob’s Burgers, But it’s so well done, I can easily see Holden liking this unironically. He’d definitely buy a Boyz 4 Now album if they existed.

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