Six Song Thursday

Because it’s been a hell of a week, I decided to go ahead and be light, and just do an ipod shuffle thing. Why? Because sometimes, you need to.


You May Die In The DesertSignals To Safety

Ah, an old stand by of instrumental music. This has a nicely epic feel to it, and would make excellent trailer music, if anyone ever used instrumentals in trailers. (I’m not sure they do anymore.) But feel free to imagine what an Infected series trailer would look like, cued to this music.

GaytheistElderly Assassin

Yep, the song is about exactly what you think it is: folk dancing. No! It’s about an elderly assassin. It’s at once kind of funny, and kind of horrifying. Which fits.

Constant Lovers Mush Teeth

There is a mild theme of local-ish bands – if you allow Portland in, and at this rate, why not – and the last couple of songs are of the noisy variety. Not that I’m totally predicable. (Please note, I am totally predictable.)

Torche Loose Men

It’s a funny list when the metal band’s kind of soothing, but that’s where we are. I also think Torche is a desperately underrated band, and I have no idea why, as they’re a lot of fun.

God Is An AstronautIn The Distance Fading

Another epic sounding instrumental, although YMDITD sounds very different from GIAA. And don’t you love those long band names you can turn into acronyms? I know I do. As an aside, I think this video might be used for hypnotism or meditation.

MetzDirty Shirt

And why not end on some Toronto noise rock? Because that’s exactly what we’re doing. And yes, I think this song is about an actual dirty shirt. But why not? I mean, there are a million love songs. Give them credit for trying to stake out some new territory.

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