Roan Answers Some Musical Questions …

Rather than do a trip through an ipod thing, I decided to ask Roan to pick out songs that remind him of people in his life. That way it’s telling from two perspectives at the same time, and I get to annoy Roan for a bit, which is always a win/win.


Roan: I have two answers to this. One dark and one sweeter. Let’s start with darker:

Jeff Rosenstock – Polar Bear or Africa

Roan: Part of me hopes that after I’m gone, Dyl will forget me and move on like I never existed, and the world lets him. Because he’s put up with a lot of shit because of me and for me, and it’s unfair. But I know that Dyl would hate that, so don’t tell him.

Killing Joke – Love Like Blood

Roan: The only reason I’m still here and not dead yet is all him. Dylan is my anchor to this world, and without him I’d be lost. Full stop. It’s a terrible burden to put on someone, isn’t it?


Roan: I had to think about this one for a bit.

Radiohead – Man of War

Roan: I do feel responsible for setting him down a dark path I don’t condone, but can’t call out for fear of being a total hypocrite. But logically I know there were always stories about him – or at least someone who sounded an awful lot like him – and I can’t say I influenced him to go a way he didn’t want to go. Holden will tell you he’s untouchable, that nothing bothers him, but this is a lie. He seethes at injustice in the world because he’s been so hurt, and he’s trying to take a piece of justice back, one person at a time. It’s a strategy doomed to failure, but he’s lasted a lot longer at it than I ever expected. A testament to him, I suppose. Never bet against him.


Roan: I’d like to lie and say this took me a while, but it didn’t.

Starfucker – Boy Toy

Roan: Now, it really doesn’t fit, but on the other hand, it totally fits. God, bisexual Canadian jock boys are apparently my type, and I didn’t realize they were even a type until I met him. Along with being prettier than I expected a hockey player to be, can I also add he’s far kinder? He’s actually a very sweet person. So it’s a little hard to objectify him knowing that.


Roan: This one was tough.

These Arms Are Snakes – Mescaline Eyes

Roan: I actually don’t have a really good reason for connecting Grey to this, except for some reason I do. Much like Scott, he’s not what you expect, but even more so. I think Holden once referred to him as an even friendlier Frankenstein’s monster, and I suppose that fits him as good as anything. He knows he could ruin most people, but he generally chooses not to. He’s kind to a fault, and he often makes you think he’s Canadian, but no, he’s American. He just doesn’t seem like it.


Roan: Oh, easy.

Ladytron – Seventeen

Roan: Fi is a fan of Ladytron, and so am I, so any song would probably do. But this icy, creepy song feels very much like a sad part of her life. Also, I think she has a piece of this song as a ringtone, so that makes sense. by the way, if you want to hear some horror stories about a woman working in the tech industry, ask her. That’s what she did before she decided fuck it, I’m becoming a dominatrix.


Roan: Oh. So many possibilities with this one.

Murder City Devils – Idle Hands

Roan: Pretty much any Murder City Devils song would be good for Tank. He feels like a drunken brawl of a human being, with the added bonus of having a very good sense of humor. He’s a bite sized piece of portable anarchy, which is why he and Fi are perfect for each other. Can you imagine a Ladytron/Murder City Devils gig? I can, and I would buy tickets in a hot second.


Roan: Well, I know what I should pick … but let’s do something different. huh?

Lionizer – Stone

Roan: I should have picked a Dropkick Murphys song, but Dropkick isn’t drunken brawls so much as straight edge brawls. Not that she’s a swaggering bully, because she isn’t, but by god, piss her off, and she’ll break your balls so hard you’ll feel it weeks later. I admire that about her.


Roan: Oh. Hmm …

The Smiths – Panic

Roan: There’s a hilarious story here that he’d definitely not want me to tell you. But here goes – so when Panic the club first opened, he’d never heard of The Smiths. It wasn’t in his wheelhouse or experience growing up. So he decided to give them a listen out of curiosity … and fell in love with The Smiths. You can ask him about this, and he will deny it. but he’s totally into The Smiths. If you don’t believe me, ask Shep what he sang when some of the EMTs went out on a karaoke night. (It was Ask, followed three drinks later by There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.)


Roan: God …

Assemblage 23 – Let The Wind Erase Me

Roan: Not my kind of music. Paris picked this as his song, and I’ll let him have the last word on this. It’s actually too painful for me to ever hear again. Just the title makes me cringe.


Roan: Now what the hell am I supposed to do with that?

Really Red – Teenage Fuck Up

Roan: What did you expect me to answer? This is really the only fitting response.

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