Five Holden Songs

Since the pre-order for Infected: Throwaways is now live, I thought I’d do a quick little thing: Five songs that never fail to remind me of Holden.


Five Fingers – Aesop Rock

Almost too easy, this one. Holden is a very adept pickpocket, a survival skill he learned early on in his street kid days, and he can still do it today. He’s quite proud of this, and if you dare him to steal anything from you, you’ll be the victim of identity theft before you leave the room. So don’t dare him, by any means.

The Room – The Twilight Sad

This probably needs a bit of explanation. The song seems to be about abuse and secrets within a family – there’s always wiggle room with a Twilight Sad song, but they are resolutely miserable, so this is a safe bet – but the thing that really nails this as a song that reminds me of Holden is the repeated refrain “You said you failed to care”. Is it a bland recitation of a fact, or a claim that you know the person who said this is lying to you, and that they care very much while denying they do? Holden would claim failure to care a lot. He rarely means it.

I Am The Least of Your Problems – The Future of The Left

Whenever I hear this, I feel like the title is definitely something Holden said to Roan at some point. And weirdly enough, he’d be 100% correct. But just barely. (And the final line “Fight it out – the misery is glorious” also sounds like something he would say.)

Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back – My Chemical Romance

Yet another title I can imagine Holden saying to someone. It’s a macho action movie thing to say, but unlike most of those doomed souls who say it in films, you’d see Holden alive again. Because he’d probably kill every motherfucking one of them. No mercy expected or given.

Fight – G.L.O.S.S.

Speaking of killing motherfuckers, here’s Holden’s fight song. Don’t give them a chance indeed.

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