Cover Reveal Week Post 2 – An Interview With Chai (and a cover tease)

Day two of cover reveal week has me interviewing Chai Nayar, Holden’s friend and investigative partner. I’m happy to say he’s not a willful little snot, Holden.

A; Hello Chai, how are you?

C: I’m good, considering. Therapy’s been helpful.

A: Depression’s a beast.

C: Isn’t it just? I’d love to say I was cured, but I know it doesn’t work like that.

A; No, but I wish it would too. How’s the investigating going?

C: Oh! You know, before I started working with Holden, I didn’t even know this was a career option. Hey … can I call him Den?

A: Sure.

C: I know that’s what Scott calls him, and it is so adorable. But Holden threatened to post me as a water sports enthusiast on Grindr if I ever called him that. So I’m calling him that in secret.

A: Wise choice. That probably wasn’t a bluff.

C: Oh, trust me, in no way was that a bluff. For all the lies he freely admits to telling, a threat is never a lie. If you call him on it, he will do it. In a way, it’s refreshing, because he’s saying what’s on his mind. But that’s also terrifying, because –

A:- he’s saying what’s on his mind.

C: Right. So any time anyone’s shocked by Den’s actions, I’m like, at some point he warned you. But you didn’t listen, or you dismissed him as some limp wrested caricature. Because sometimes Den loves to play into that stereotype, so when he turns on you and kicks your ass, it’s a double surprise.

A: He wants to humiliate as much as hurt.

C: Yes! And I know, divorced of context, that seems a little crazy, but sometimes when you get so much shit thrown at you in life, you just want to throw it back, you know? With an extra added push.

A: I understand that point of view more than I care to admit.

C: Me too.

A: So why don’t you tell me something about yourself that people don’t know?

C: Umm … well, this is kind of embarrassing. But I really like doing crossword puzzles.

A: How is that embarrassing?

C: It’s not really something that people give a shit about, especially if they’re under thirty. But when I was in the hospital recovering from my car accident, I had nothing but time. And you never really know boredom until you’re stuck in a hospital bed, with little mobility and almost no visitors. So I got in to doing crosswords to kill the boredom, and I found out I actually kind of liked them. That, and I got addicted to daytime soaps.

A: Really?

C: Oh yeah. I mean I got super deep into them. I was really depressed by weekends, because my shows wouldn’t be on. Once I got out of the hospital, I found I couldn’t watch soaps anymore, because they reminded me too much of the hospital, but I could still do crosswords, because they were different.

A: So you’re done with soaps?

C: Umm …

A: What?

C: I’ve actually discovered the joy of telenovelas. They’re generally batshit crazy, and I kind of adore them. But don’t tell Den – I don’t think he’d understand.

A: And the internet allows you to see crazy stuff from everywhere.

C: Exactly! Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that? There’s a big, beautiful world out there, full of crazy shit. Why not enjoy it if you can, you know?

A: You know, there might be a decent telenovela in a male hooker who becomes a detective.

C: I have thought about that! And it could be set among a group of hookers who once worked for an escort agency that is no more, but the founder of it turns up dead, murdered in his hot tub, and all the former hookers are suspects. It could run a couple of months, I think, with just a ton of male nudity and over the top cat fights. Maybe one of the hookers could turn out to be an ex-Navy Seal, and another is way into judo, so the serious fights are awesome, but also, completely unbelievable.

A: I … have to admit, I’d watch that.

C: I know, right? I really need to write this down.

And so ends day two of the cover reveal. And just to be a smart ass, here’s a bit of the cover. InfectedThrowawaypi.jpg

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