Cover Reveal Post 3 – A Trip Through Holden’s Ipod. And the goddamn cover.

Day three of cover reveal week takes a dive into Holden’s ipod. Sure, the little music machines are being replaced by … nothing really, just iPhones, but Holden would like you to know that’s very classist, and he’s sticking to hard to trace burner phones, thank you very much.

So, in that spirit, let’s see what he listens to, and how he justifies it. (NB: Because there’s a good chance we’re all dead soon, I’m revealing the cover below. Feel free to jump to the end if you wish.)

Kilo Kish – Collected Views From Dinner

Holden: I’ve pretty much been there, or in a situation so similar this is almost painful. The problem is, sometimes if you’re someone’s secretly paid for date, you can’t tell your obnoxious dinner companions they can suck your balls. That’s a bummer. All you can do is hope you can key their car before the valet returns.

M.I.A. – Paper Planes

Holden: Should I be offended that Chai assumed this was my theme song? Especially since I don’t like guns. Too noisy, too easily traced. And if I just wanted your money, honey, I’d have it already. But it is a good song.

Beach Slang – Wasted Daze of Youth

Holden: Okay, so this is Scott’s fault, basically. He likes the band, and I heard them due to him. They’re not bad. Most of their songs make me think of Scott, which isn’t bad either, ‘cause he’s fucking hot. Annoying, but hot.

Thunderpussy – Velvet Noose

Holden: Roan would be proud of me, They’re a local band. And their name sounds like a queen from RuPaul’s Drag Race, so how can that be bad?

Lord Raja – Fox Den

Holden: Come on – Fox is in the name. How does this not end up on my iPod?

Tacocat – Bridge To Hawaii

Holden: Another local band. And not a bad sentiment, all things considered.

My Chemical Romance – The Ghost of You

Holden: I’m not going to apologize for the emo. My life has been pretty fucking emo. I wish it wasn’t, but we can’t seem to pick that.

YG & Nipsey Hussle – FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)

Holden: I don’t know why this isn’t the new national anthem. It should be. I’m on the verge of Kickstarting a campaign.

Ben Frost – All That You Love Will Be Eviscerated (Lotic Remix)

Holden: With a title like this, how was it staying off my iPod? I mean, really. If I ever write an autobiography, that would be the title.

And, without further ado, the cover! By the always fabulous Anne Cain! (It’s also a sort of remix of the Freefall cover. Can you tell?)

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