Buy Some Music, Help Some People

Today, Bandcamp is doing a neat thing, in that they’re donating their profit from sales on their website to the Transgender Law Center. But maybe you’re saying “I don’t know if there’s anything I want to buy”. Let me help you! I’ve singled out some notable groups, and added genres as well as links.

(Also, just added: bands and labels donating their profits:

Aesop Rock –
Indie rap

Aye Nako – Queer punk with an alt-rock vibe.

Pansy Division:
Aggressively gay pop-punk.

Gay/trans aggressive punk

G.L.O.S.S. –
Trans aggressive punk

Gaythiest –
Gay punk/noise

Metz –
Punk with a hint of noise

Russian Circles –
Crunchy, cinematic rock instrumentals

Twilight Sad –
Scottish rock that’s as depressing as all get out, but also kind of weirdly pretty.

Self-Defense Family –

Tobacco –
Trippy synth heavy electronic

Clipping –
Indie rap

Torche –
Stoner metal

Chelsea Wolfe –
Hard to categorize her. Name a genre, she’s dabbled in it. Let’s go with haunting experimental, shall we?

Beach Slang –
Crisp alt-rock that sounds like modern day Replacements.

Nothing –

Spartan Jet-Plex –
Dark folk

Snowball II –
Upbeat sounding shoegaze

Night Sins –

P.O.S. –
Indie rap

Zeal & Ardor –
Strange metal

Christian Fitness –
Snarky punk

Xetas –
Punky rock

Kaiju Themes –
Okay, this is an album of ambient post=apocalyptic music that is just amazing. You need to buy this.

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