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Welcome to the debut of my music corner. This is a recurring segment where I will share recent musical purchases, so you can point and judge me harshly. Also, I thought there may be people who would like some of the weird ass music I like. I’ll include links, and this covers a loose collection of time – the last month or so? Thereabouts. I’m going to generally recommend albums, although I may have just picked up a song or two. I’m going to make you guess. I’ll identify genres with Bandcamp tags.

christian fitnessSlap Bass Hunks

Genre: Tagged as alternative guitar rock, and the cryptic but fabulous “protein words”. What the fuck does that mean? No idea. I like it, though.

This is a spin off band of Future of The Left’s singer Andrew Falkous. As you might gather from the name alone, this is a snarky band, which plays around with sharp and punny lyrics, and occasionally raucous music. I find nothing about this offensive, but some might, so that’s all the warning you’re getting from me. I like it loads.

Grey Wulf Walls of Timeless Abundance and the Terms of Shameful Loss

Genre: Tagged “metal ambient drone”. Probably the best call.

This is very ambient, but a kind of muscular ambient music, that feels like it could bust out into a thudding metal song at any moment. Unlike most ambient music, there are lyrics to be had here, but they often fade into the drone in fascinating ways. And don’t let the use of the term ambient make you think this is electronic. It isn’t.

Night Sins Dancing Chrome

Genre: Tagged “darkwave goth post-punk”. I say they sound like the Sisters of Mercy.

They do sound like the Sisters of Mercy. The singer doesn’t quite have Andrew Eldritch’s hilariously deep, emotive voice, but he comes very close, and goddamn it, I miss Sisters of Mercy. They were great, and I think, because of their whole goth thing, never got their due. And if I can’t have them, I can have Night Sins instead. I’m good with that.

The Wraith Shadow Flag EP

Genre: Tags say “punk goth rock”. I would have also added metal to this.

I swear this goth thing is just my general depressive funk coloring recent music choices. But The Wraith does have a sort of proto-metal sound, so they’re a hard charging, aggressive goth. They sound nothing like Night Sins, for example. Putting them in a similar genre category feels odd. I see them as a bridge between Grey Wulf and Night Sins.

Pile A Hairshirt of Purpose

Genre: Tagged “rock indie post-hardcore”, with “chairs” also showing up a couple of times. I suspect this is an inside joke I don’t get.

Pile is a bit of an indie darling, apparently, and if you, like me, never really heard of them before, that’s okay. We don’t live near Boston, and weren’t cool enough to have heard of them before. The thing is, with the internet as it stands right now, we all have a good chance of stumbling into the cool thing. Suck it, cooler than thou jerkwads!

Yi- EP1

Genre: Tagged as “alternative ambient grunge”. Fair enough.

This is an odd little Canadian band with a hard to define sound, which justifies the slight word salad in the tags. It is alternative, a bit grungy, a little ambient – not a lot. There is a little of the ‘90’s in their sound, but it’s not derivative, and it never clobbers you over the head. They’re here, and they’re a little strange, which is really all you can ask from a band.

Arovane & Porya HatamiOrganism

Genre: Tagged “ambient idm” and “experimental electronic”. Both accurate.

First to admit, ambient seems to be a popular musical tag here. And yet, in every case, it’s different. Arovane & Porya Hatami could probably share a musical bill with Grey Wulf, even though they are quite different. There is a sort of unity in the eeriness of it all, even though Grey Wulf is harder edged. There’s a theme in the titles of this collaboration too, and it works, even though otherwise I couldn’t tell you what a rhizome would sound like. But now that I’ve heard the tracks, I sort of see how that would be. This is also one of those albums that has to be heard on headphones, because part of the experimental nature of the music can only be appreciated that way. Good headphones too; put those cheap earbuds away.

Wavves You’re Welcome

Genre: Tagged “indie rock”. Yep.

I really liked Wavves V album. I don’t think he ever made much of an impression on me before, but that album is kind of a stunner, and thematically holds together really well. It’s really good. There’s only a few tracks available on the pre-order of this album. I’d say it’s different and more experimental. It doesn’t sound like it’s going to replace V for me, but it doesn’t have to. No one should ever be held hostage by their greatest hits. Artists have to do their own thing, whether you like it or not. This goes for writers and painters and artists of all stripes.

Zotz Vacio Fatal

Genre: Tagged “deathrock post-punk punk”. Can’t argue with it.

This is Mexican rock, and no, I don’t speak the language. But the singer sounds angry, and the band has a great sound. It’s pay what you want, so you can download it for free if you really want. But come on, throw ‘em a buck if you can.

Ramona/Hard Sulks

Genre: Tagged “pop punk indie math rock”. Which band you’re listening to will determine which is the more accurate tag.

This is a split record between Seattle band Ramona and Portland band Hard Sulks. It gives you a little taste of the indie rock scene in both cities.

In Love With A Ghost healing

Genre: Tagged “pop ambient chillwave downtempo dream pop”. Okay.

This too is a name your price album, so you can follow your heart or your wallet on this one. This is odd electronic music with a sort of upbeat feel to it, and just a tiny bit of chiptune at the edges. It’s like a soundtrack to a game that doesn’t exist in this universe, but maybe somewhere else. This album does have a story to it, completely played out in the titles. This could almost be on Adventure Time. It’s quirky, and probably the most cheerful music on this list.

Russian CirclesLive at Dunk! Fest

Genre: Tagged “instrumental metal post-rock”. Sounds about right.

Where In Love With A Ghost is very cute instrumentals, this is the opposite. More crush your face instrumentals. Although live this time.

You’ll Never Get To HeavenAdorn

Genre: Tagged “ambient dream pop haunting”. I’d say that’s fair.

This is possibly the oldest release in the round up, from 2014. It’s as is described, a sort of haunting, synth using approach to dream pop, with a little shoegaze at the edges. And if what I said made no sense to you, congratulations on being a sane person with a life.

I also bought some of the new songs released by At The Drive In, off their forthcoming album Inter*Ali*A, but they don’t have a Bandcamp page for it. I would tag it “so much yelling, what are you always yelling about”? (That’s why I like it. Find them on Amazon or iTunes.)

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