A Master List – All My Stuff For Sale & Series In Order

Hello! Here’s something I should do on a regular basis, which is run down my list of available books, where they are, and, in the case of series, what order they progress in.

And, may I add if you’ve read all or most of this stuff, to leave a book review on Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever? It really helps authors get the word out. Thank you!

So here we go:

Infected series:

Book 1: Infected: Prey
Book 2: Infected: Bloodlines
Book 3: Infected: Life After Death
Book 4: Infected: Freefall
Book 5: Infected: Shift
Book 6: Infected: Lesser Evils
Book 7: Infected: Undertow
Book 8: Infected: Epitaph

Infected: Paris is a prequel, but I really feel like it should be read after the others, or at least after Bloodlines.

The Holden series is a spin off, and yet I consider Infected: Holden Book 8 1/2.

Book 9 (upcoming): Infected: Throwaways. (Link will be added when available.)

Infected: The Lost Weekend is a short that takes place between Undertow and Epitaph.

The Infected Holiday Special is a bit of a free floater, as it takes place at several different points in time.

The Roan and Dylan story that appears in Grand Adventures probably takes place somewhere around Lesser Evils.

The books are also available in collections: Infected Bundle Volume 1
and Volume 2

Josh of the Damned series

Part 1: Pretty Monsters
Part 2: Peek-A-Boo
Part 3: Josh of the Damned Triple Feature #1
Part 3.5: Night of the Dust Bunnies
Part 4: Josh of the Damned Triple Feature #2: The Final Checkout

There are many loose Josh of the Damned stories, including the one in Charmed and Dangerous, and Merry Christmas, Josh and they take place somewhere in between the stories in The Final Checkout.

Spin off: City of Monsters (also featured in My Haunted Blender’s Gay Love Affair, And Other Twisted Tales). I should add that no Josh character appears in CoM.

Another fun fact? All my fictional universes connect to the Josh of the Damned universe somehow. Mainly because it seems logical, and also amuses me.

Now, the stories that aren’t series.

Hearts of Darkness (My supervillains in love story that might become a series. We’ll see.)

Lochlann (Although a part of the Order of the Black Knights series, it can stand on its own.)

The Little Death (I love this hard boiled pastiche, where our detective hero is a functional alcoholic.)

Merged (A story about a mech pilot in love with his AI)

Keep The Stars Running (Space tech/janitor ends up saving a space station, and maybe humanity in my story for this anthology.)

DMZ (I liked this story too, a brief hurt/comfort story set in an active conflict zone, with a Asian/Scottish James Bond type.)

Strange Angels (My attempt at humorous paranormal fantasy. I personally want to go back to snake world.)

Fairytales Slashed, Volume 7 (I have one of the sweetest stories I’ve ever written in here)

Private Dicks: Packing Heat (Of course I have a story in this)

Won’t Back Down (Human MMA fighter on alien world)

Thunderballs (Who doesn’t love competitive dodgeball?)

I have a small superhero story in the 7 & 7 anthology.

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