Random music time with the Infected cast

I decided, as part of the whole build up to the release of the Infected Holiday Special, to play a sort of game where I put my iPod on random shuffle, and the first ten songs that come up – minus any instrumentals – I will attach to characters in the Infected universe. So let’s go.

1. Motherfucker, Faith No More – Okay, this is a super easy one. Although Roan is the Faith No More fan, this is definitely a Holden song. It fits him perfectly.

2. Bathtime In Clerkenweld, The Real Tuesday Weld – This is a weirdy, but I can see this being a song Grey likes, if only to annoy and irritate others.

3. I’ve Seen Footage, Death Grips – This is easily a Tank song. In fact, I could see him insisting this be the song he skates out to in games. I can also see them refusing to do that.

4. Synesthesia, Porcupine Tree – This is another easy one. This is a Roan song without a doubt. “I’m lying on a stretcher/they’re lying to my face” is pretty much his childhood in a sad nutshell.

5. Stars, Hum – Hmm. This is kind of a tough one. I’m going to give it to Fiona, because I can see her liking this. I think she likes quite a bit of ‘90’s guitar rock.

6. Pyrrhic, Pyrrhic, Red Dons – This is actually a song I’ve slated to show up on the next Holden soundtrack, so it’s a Holden song for sure. He knows a thing or two about Pyrrhic victories.

7. Fist Full of Dollars, Bang Bang Eche – Ah, a dance punk band, which can only mean Paris was a fan of this one. If you could dance to it, he generally loved it.

8. Karate, Babymetal – Oh, super easy! As will be revealed in Infected: Holden, Tank is a huge Babymetal fan. More skate out music for him that someone is bound to be deeply puzzled by.

9. Misfits and Mistakes, Superchunk – Well, this applies to the entire cast. Hard to pick out one for this one. Let’s call it the theme song of the entire group, shall we?

10. Shapes, The Long Winters – Hmm. Although Dylan’s taste is usually a bit more acoustic, I can see him being a fan of this song. I can also see it making him think of Roan, in a way.

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