Random Music Time With The Infected Cast, Part 2

Since the last one was kind of fun to put together, I decided to do this again. Five songs randomly pulled up by shuffle on my iPod, and I’ll tell you who they’re most likely connected to in the Infected universe. Let’s go.

Levitate The Pentagon, Publicist UK – Ooh! Possibly the most Infected universe song on my iPod right now. It’s not only a Holden song, but a weird Holden love letter to Roan kind of song. There’s lots of great bits in here, from the choruses “pain’s a secret no one keeps/you’re the lie that I believe”, to “You were born to die in a better world than this one”, which is a thought I’m sure Holden has had about Roan. And letting the losers tell their side is pretty much what Infected is all about.

Will They or Won’t They, The Doubleclicks – Kind of unusual, as it’s essentially a comedy song, but this is perfect for Grey. It isn’t just an asexual thing either, although partially it is. Grey likes playing these kind of games, flirting with people he knows he’s never going to sleep with in a million years.

Keep Off The Lawn, Aesop Rock – Okay, this is an interesting one that could go a lot of ways. Ultimately I suppose this is a Roan song. “How alive? Too alive.” According to most experts, he’s certainly not supposed to be.

Running All Over The Wicket, Future of the Left – Another instant Holden song, from having a werewolf and knowing how to use it, and a body in the truck of the car being the least of your problems. He’s lived a colorful life.

Nosebleed Weekend, The Coathangers – Another one with different applications, but despite the misgendering, let’s give this one to Scott. Bis get a ton of shit thrown at them, but Scott can more than give it back. Happily so, in fact.

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