More Tarot readings for characters in the Infected universe

The first Tarot card reading for characters in the Infected universe got such a good response, I decided to do it for other characters in the series as well. Mostly the hockey guys, although there’s others in here as well. As before, it’s a random draw from the Major Arcana. Here we go.


highpriestessGrey: For him, I pulled The High Priestess, which was a really weird card to pull for him. It’s a mystical card, and usually is good for artists to pull. But I could see how this could apply to him. He does have a certain creativity in how he presents himself to the world. He is asexual, even though he was unaware of the label until recently. But he has pretended to be mostly straight all his life, playing the role he was expected to play, with this little rebellious streak in him that had him edging up to alternate boundaries. So he is creative, in a very odd way. And of course, he comes off as this big badass most of the time, but we know in real life he’s a real sweetie, and as long as you’re square with him, you have a friend for life. So I think the card fits. He is a little mystical, and a little hard to figure out. (On purpose.)


sunScott: I pulled The Sun for him, and this needs no explanation. The card itself means achievement and success, and pleasure in the simple life, which fits Scott definitely. What bothers Holden about Scott is that he fears he’s the domestic type, the kind of guy who wants to settle down in the country with a house and a dog, which is enough to give Holden the dry heaves. But yes, that is Scott. He’s optimistic and loyal, and as his deep bromance with Grey proves, he is not averse to settling down. But I don’t see Holden, in his current Emperor state, being much of a match for him.


temperanceDee: I thought I’d switch it up here, and pull a card for one of the non hockey players. Hilariously, Dee got Temperance. My first thought – ‘Nope’ – was altered after I considered it. Setting aside the card’s name, it’s actually a card of adaptation, and one who works well with others. While Dee can be as snarky and snappish as they come, he actually has a deep well of compassion. He wants to help others, as his job as an EMT would lead you to believe, but not everybody becomes or stays an EMT out of compassion. It can burn you out on people right quick. But Dee still has a good supply of empathy, and he has always wanted to help others. As if to prove that point, he’s still good friends with Roan in spite of their failed relationship. So yes, this card, despite initial appearance, is perfect for him.


wheeloffortuneTank: Speaking of perfect, Tank got Wheel of Fortune. Yes, it means exactly what you think it means. Our wild card is lucky, and successful. Combined with Fiona’s The Chariot pull, these people have to be the luckiest on the planet. And considering how vital luck can be to a goaltender – and it totally is – this might explain why he’s as good as he is. Beyond the flexibility, hard work, and his crazy enthusiasm.


hierophantRandi: For her, I got The Hierophant, and wondered if I should switch cards between her and Grey. This card stands for a teacher or other benevolent force that helps people along on their path. But it also stands for someone who is stubborn and unyielding, and quite often traditional, which only partially fits the both of them. (I think we can all agree nearly everyone in the Infected universe is stubborn, but it varies widely by degrees. And trying to out stubborn Roan is a losing proposition.) The more I considered this, I realized it did kind of fit her. Randi desperately tries to be unconventional, although her job – accountant – is about as traditional as they come. I think she fights against things, not always successfully. I think she feels bound by a lot of traditions she feels don’t apply to her, but kind of suck her in all the same. I’ve always considered Randi a little tragic, as she wants her life to be more exciting than it is, but when she really gets a taste of it – through her unfortunate brother – she really doesn’t like it at all.


devilMatt: Speaking of tragic characters, I included Matt, and he got The Devil. Well, hard to argue with that one, isn’t it? No, it doesn’t mean sinister and evil. In the Tarot, the Devil card is one of excess and wasted energy, one where you aim completely in the wrong direction and end up hurting yourself more than anyone else. It’s a card of addiction, of stalkers, of hedonists and manipulators, of bad relationships and self-destruction. If that isn’t poor Matt to a tee I don’t know what is. Ultimately I think Matt means well, but he’s a frustrated soul, one who has never quite felt comfortable in his own skin. I think he grows into some self-acceptance, but I’m not sure he ever completely got over Roan, the guy he could never make love him.


hermitKevin: Oh, another perfect card, this time The Hermit. As you might expect, it’s a card of solitude and introspection, but also one of wisdom and secrecy. Certainly for closeted Kevin, that makes a lot of sense, but it goes deeper than that. Much like Dee, he is a man who genuinely wants to help people. Unlike Dee, he has sacrificed a lot in the way of personal happiness to do it. I like to think that Kevin will one day be rewarded for this. Admittedly, in real life, it rarely works that way, but I’m the author, damn it. If I want to give him a happy ending, I’m going to do it.


So ends the Tarot readings for now. I still have to do this for other characters. It’s just too fun.

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