More Random Songs Attached To Random Characters …

This has been a sucky year, and so, I thought I’d distract myself with more of this nonsense. As always, I hit shuffle on the iPod, and try to attach them to my characters. All instrumental tracks are skipped, because those could arguably go to everyone.


Future of The Left, A Guide To Men – Oh, this is a Holden song. From using “civilized people” as an insult, and repeating the phrase “this is a song about total war”, this is all about someone’s probably doomed war against conformity and society in general. That’s Holden to a T. (And there’s this great bizarre video, which only hints at how honestly bizarre the thing the footage is taken from must be.)

Sisters of Mercy, Dominion – Ah, this little Goth gem is very much a Roan song, if only for the line “In the land of the blind, be king”. And it sounds like a threat, which it totally is.

Zeal and Ardor, Devil Is Fine – Okay, this one I had to think about for a bit, because it’s kind of an odd one. (Oh, like all the rest of these songs haven;t been). But not restricting myself to Infected characters, I could totally see this for Colin, the hot vampire boyfriend in Josh of the Damned. After all, Devil might come down to a point of view.

Grimace Federation, Strange Hours (Aesop Rock Remix) – Since I seem to be thinking about the Josh of the Damned universe, I could see this for Josh. After all, his strange hours – a/kk/a work hours – are super strange.

The Twilight Sad, Seven Years of Letters – Part of the fun of doing this, for me, is finding videos for songs I never realized had videos. Such as the creepy little video for this wonderfully gloomy song from this wonderfully gloomy Scottish band. The repeated line “We’re on a hiding to nowhere” essentially means on a road to nowhere, and it made me think of Paris. I can see this song as being representative of Roan and Paris together. Which, I know, sad. But probably not as sad as the crime hinted at in the video. (I honestly love The Twilight Sad. They tell you what they are on the tin, and that has never changed. I love them for it.)

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