More Random Musical Pulls, Because Why Not?

Just to remind you I’m still alive – writing away, as always – I thought I’d do the five song random shuffle thing, and see if I can apply it to my characters. Let’s go.

BotchThank God for the Worker Bees
This one is a Roan song. Not just because he likes the screamy, aggressive music – although he does – but the repeated line “I’m the human shield” is very much applicable. Although how human is up for debate.

Pack A.D.Haunt You Bit of a toughie to start with, but this feels like a Holden song. Much like Roan, he’d like to believe in an afterlife, just for the possibility of haunting the fuck out of so many people.

Modest MouseDashboard This one is problematic simply because it could apply to everyone in the Infected universe. “It could have been, should have been worse than you will ever know” is basically a running theme. So let’s say it’s a universal theme, and move on.

A Place To Bury StrangersEgo Death More noise rock, so you’d think this would be a Roan song, and you’d be right. “I’m alive and I’m dead.” I know he feels that way most of the time …

StarfuckerBoy Toy Oh, this is an easy one. Going by title alone, this has to be Holden’s. Although it sounds more cheerful than anything I’d normally ascribe to him.

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