If you’ve read me, you might like … (List updated! And may continue to update for a while)

I was asked about other writers readers of my work might be interested in. There’s a whole bunch, and I would encourage everyone to explore and find authors for yourself, but here are a few of my favorites.

Alexsandr Voinov (I can’t recommend Incursion enough.)

L.A. Witt

Rhys Ford

Joseph Hansen (The Brandstetter mysteries were a direct influence on me. They are so good.)

Jordan Castillo Price

Kelly Jensen & Jenn Burke

Richard Stevenson

Madison Parker

Piper Vaughn

Heidi Cullinan

Josh Lanyon

Huston Piner

S. Reesa Herberth

Brett Hartinger

Angel Martinez

Kim Fielding

Ginn Hale

C. Kennedy

Jeff Adams

Jamie Fessenden

Rick R. Reed

Megan Derr

John Inman

Jordan L. Hawk

L.J. LaBarthe

Jason Nichols

Scotty Cade

Lex Chase

Pat Henshaw

Rebecca Cohen

J. Tullos Hennig

Kay Berrisford

Stephen Osborne

Jeffrey Round

Lyn Gala

E.E. Ottoman

Anne Brooke

Amelia C. Gormley

TJ Klune

Charlie Cochet

Sunny Moraine

Ally Blue

Kirby Crow

L.C. Chase

Eric Arvin

Alex Beecroft

Charlie Cochrane

Kim Dare

G.B. Gordon

Cat Grant

K-Lee Kline

J. Scott Coatsworth

Kade Boehme

SJD Peterson

Hank Edwards

B.G. Thomas

Edward Kendrick

J.C. Lillis

Santino Hassell

Avon Gale

Cecil Wilde

Damon Suede

Lou Sylvre

Elizabeth Noble

Brandon Witt

Dan Skinner

Phoenix Emrys

AJ Rose

Lissa Kasey

A.B. Gayle

Charlie David

Abigail Roux

SE Jakes

Anne Tenino

Sue Brown

Suki Fleet

Alexis Hall

KJ Charles

Cecilia Tan

Becky Black

PD Singer

S.A. Meade

Vanessa North

Jay Northcote

Felice Stephens

Ethan Stone

Andrew Q. Gordon

M.A. Church

Jacob Z. Flores

Daisy Harris

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