Fun With Tarot Cards & The Infected Universe

Just for fun, and in honor of the new Infected Holiday Special coming out in a month – Amazon link here! –  I thought I’d draw Tarot cards for some of my characters. I limited the draws to the Major Arcana, and I want to specify that these are random draws. I let chance pick them. They just came out really apt. 

strengthRoan: The card I drew for him was Strength, which is super ironic, since it’s a Tarot card with a lion on it. And as you might guess from the name, the card is about force of character and the triumph of a higher nature over carnal desires. Does this mean Roan eventually triumphs over his lion side? Who knows? But it’s a good sign for him.



Dylan: The card I drew for him was Justice, which never occurred to me, but once I pulled it I realized it was the perfect for him. It essentially stands for a person with a well balanced mind and personality, and if that isn’t Dylan, I don’t know what it. He has the sad duty of being one of the sanest people in Roan’s world, and it shows. We all need a Dylan in our lives to keep us grounded.



empressParis: This was probably the weirdest draw, as he got The Empress. How did this fit him? Well, it’s a card of beauty, so that tracked, as did the fact that it can sometimes means one who overindulges in pleasure. It’s not exactly the de facto hedonist card … but then again, it kind of is. So it’s perfect.



the-emperor-tarotHolden: He got The Emperor, which, again, perfect. I’ll just quote these two things: “war making power” and “controlled and directed sexual drive”. Uh huh. Holden is scary, and deserves this scary, martial card.



judgementDropkick: The other sane person in Roan’s world got Judgment, which, again, is perfect. This is a card for someone who has lived life well, and is fair and probably lucky in legal endeavors. And since she’s a cop, it’s nice to know she’s one of the good ones. (Of course, I knew that already.)



chariotFiona: This lucky duck! The card I pulled for her was The Chariot, which is just great. It’s a card of triumph and greatness, and one with physical mastery. And since she used to be a dominatrix, that fits.



This worked out almost scary well. I may have to do this for more of the characters. And maybe more of the stories. I am wondering what cards I’d get for Josh or Mr. Kwan. (I’m thinking he might end up with The Emperor as well.Or maybe Death.)

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