Even More Stupid Questions With The Infected Cast

Today’s stupid question – If you could live within one fictional universe, what would it be?

Roan: Star Trek.

Dylan: Um, hmm … tough one. I’m torn between Doctor Who and Harry Potter … let’s go Harry Potter. It’d be great to throw spells around. It’d certainly make doing the laundry a lot easier.

Holden: Mad Max. (Why?) I’d be a great killer of warlords.

Paris: Ooh … I’m trying to think of a sexy one, and it just brings to mind that there aren’t a lot of sexy alternate worlds, are there? What about Cowboy Bebop? That seems like it’d be fun.

Grey: Slap Shot. (Not sure that counts.) Fine, what did Roan pick? Trek? Fine, yeah, I’ll go with him. We can be roommates. Oh, hey, can I be a Klingon?

Fiona: Wow, this is a tricky one. How about Buffy The Vampire Slayer? Only because I’m positive I would make a great Slayer.

Scott: Huh. Oh wow, there’s so many. Let’s go Star Wars.

Dropkick: The Wire. (Not sure that counts.) Don’t care. That’s my answer.

Tank: I think I’d have different answers at different ages. But when you boil it down, I think I’m going to choose Adventure Time. Candy Kingdom, here I come.

Dee: Marvel movie universe, if only because I’d really like to be the middle of a Captain America/Winter Soldier sandwich.

Kevin: That’s … I’m not sure how to answer that one. I mean, just about every fantasty world comes with a whole bunch of new problems, doesn’t it? And most of the ones I can think of seem to lack diversity … I guess I’ll pick The Simpsons? Springfield seems cool, and they could probably use a competent cop for a change.

Gordo: I don’t understand this question and I refuse to respond to it.

Randi: Crap, that’s a tough one. You can pick cartoons, right? Then I’m going with My Neighbor Totoro, or, if it’s allowed, the entire Miyazaki universe. It’s just so pretty and fun.

Shep: Huh. I feel like I’d have to think about that one for a while. You need an answer now? Damn. How about The Rockford Files? (Why?) Was there anything cooler than a 70’s TV detective? I argue no.

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