A Trip Through Holden’s iPod

As you may or may not know, I make a ton of playlists for my stories. But while Roan’s love of punk and noise rock is well known, Holden’s musical tastes are less well known. (Although still somewhat questionable.) So here’s a spin with Holden’s iPod, with six random songs pulled up.


1. Green DayGeek Stink Breath

Look, I know I’m not Roan, who’s all cool and edgy, and listens to bands no one’s heard of. I liked a few Green Day songs, and I’m not apologizing for that. We can’t all like obscure shit. Hell, before the internet, where did you even find it? We couldn’t all run away from group homes and head to the shadier clubs where they didn’t bother to card you. Not that that was an ideal way to grow up. Oh hell, I don’t know what I’m saying. Move on.

2 – StarfuckerBoy Toy

Sometimes you like a song because it simply speaks to you. This one speaks to me, for reasons that are probably obvious. But it’s also sparkly and fun, and who doesn’t like that? It’s super unclear if the singer is referring to a woman or a man, and I like the ambiguity too.

3 – GladiatorBrave, featuring Vindata & Mothica

Again, sometimes a song speaks to you. I have no idea who any of these people or things are. But it’s a fun song, right? You could probably dance to it, if you were in the mood. I think I bough t this one while drunk and on iTunes, which is always dangerous. Hell, any drunk shopping is perilous. Once I discovered I ordered a six pack of cookies and a stuffed unicorn from Amazon, which was really surprising, since I didn’t know I had an Amazon account. I’m still half-convinced I was assigned one as soon as I moved to Seattle.

4. Fall Out BoySugar, We’re Going Down

Look, I know Fall Out Boy is cheesy and uncool. Which is probably why I like them, to piss everyone else. Don’t you tell me what to listen to. I’ll listen to what I damn well want, no matter how terrible it is. Which must be how Roan feels, now that I think about it. But I feel like he makes deliberate choices, embracing the noisiest goddamn thing he can find, simply to upset others. Which, you know, fair play to him. That’s a good reason.

5. Beach SlangBad Art & Weirdo Ideas

Are these guys obscure? I don’t know. Scott introduced me to them. He listens to a lot of stuff that isn’t too bad, like this and Japandroids, and then some Canadian bands that veer closer to Roan’s tastes. Also I totally support the title- bad art and weirdo ideas. Yes. More of those please. I’ll never find my people if that doesn’t keep happening.

6. The Twilight SadI Became A Prostitute

Oh! There’s a Roan story behind this one. After being a snob about my music choices – can he help being a music snob? There’s a certain strain of punkers that always seem to be – Roan emailed me a link to this song, and I fell in love with it, like he suspected I would. Roan likes this band because the singer has a Scottish accent so thick you could stand a knife in it, and every song they write is about something fucking miserable, which is his wheelhouse. The song, as far as I can tell, is about a woman constantly used and mistreated by the men who drift in and out of her life, and she is not a prostitute, but I still like it for its title. Also the chorus is kind of fun to bellow when you’re drunk and kind of pissed off.

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