A not so stupid question for the Infected cast …

Since we’re coming up on publication date – the 17th! – I thought I’d ask a question that’s actually kind of relevant.


What do you think your best quality is?


Roan: Okay, now that I’m braced for idiocy, you throw a serious question at me? Fine. I guess my sense of humor.


Holden: My adaptability.


Dylan: Uh … I’ve been told I’m patient, so let’s go with that.


Roan: I feel duty bound to butt in here and say Dylan’s best quality is everything. He is a saint of a man and deserves a Nobel Prize.


Dylan: Except when I steal the covers, right?


Roan: Yeah, ‘cause then you’re a complete bastard, and I’m taking the Nobel Prize back.


Grey: I can’t say my overwhelming size? (No.) Can I say my slapshot? (No.) Jeeze, take away my best qualities. I guess I’m pretty laid back. Is that acceptable?


Paris: My charm. Oh, and my beautiful, lustrous hair.


Dropkick: My cast iron stomach.


Scott: Can I say my puck handling skills? (No.)  Okay … How about my sense of fairness?


Tank: My sense of empathy. And I’m really bendy.


Fiona: My savage intellect.


Dee: My fabulosity. (That isn’t a word.) It is now.


Randi: My tenacity.


Gordo:  My ability to put up with the public and not punch them all in the face. Did Roan take that one already?


Roan: Oh shit! Can I add that one?


Shep: I think I’m very level headed in a crisis. And I haven’t pushed Dee out of the rig once, although I’ve been tempted.


Dee: Back at you, buddy.











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