Some lesser known MST3K Turkey Day recommendations

So Mystery Science Theater 3000 is being relaunched, which is great, but in the meantime, Thanksgiving is getting here first, and you need something to watch right now. I thought that I’d recommend some of the lesser known MST3Ks for your Turkey Day perusal. We all know The Final Sacrifice, Werewolf, and Manos: The Hands of Fate are great, but there are other treasures waiting to be found in their massive back catalog. Here’s a few you may not have seen. And while they’re all available online, and I have included links, some are available for purchase, and I must encourage you to buy them if possible, and if you enjoy them.

    Prince of Space

A badly dubbed Japanese children’s film is a wonderland for the crew, as there’s so much weirdness and little explanation for any of it. Everyone’s favorite is the vaguely chicken-like Krankor, the main villain, who can’t seem to grasp that his weapons are useless against the Prince, despite the numerous instances where this is true.

    Bride of the Monster

The first Ed Wood film they did, it doesn’t seem to get as much notice as The Violent Years (which I admit is a good one), but this is one of those episodes I go back to when I need some cheering up. The movie is not only wonderfully bad, but they have a great time with it. And this is the episode with the wonderful “Hired” musical sequence, which is arguably the best musical bit from the series.

    The Screaming Skull

“Movie lady – do you need a push or something?” This exercise in padding – it’s a movie that mistakes nothing happening for tension – is ridiculous, poorly plotted, and pretty funny. As they say, at least a tuba player got paid for this horse hockey, and you can’t say that about many films. Or any other film, if you think about it.

    The Human Duplicators

This strange little alien invasion/spy movie comes across as a failed television pilot (I doubt it was, but it really feels that way), but they have great sport with it, which makes it weirdly watchable. This is another one I enjoy when I need a pick me up.

    Sinister Urge

The last Ed Wood film they covered, and it is deliriously silly and wrong. It attempts to be a morality film about the evils of pornography, which is as prurient as all get out, and suggests that no one involved in the movie had ever even seen porn. The fact that this was Wood’s last film before he went into porn seems like the kind of irony someone could only make up. This film has the distinction of having one of the worst line readings of “Oh, thank you” I have ever heard.

    The Pumaman

One of the true greats of the Sci-Fi Channel years, this terrible, completely ‘70’s drenched superhero film is a scream. Terribly written, terribly made, even the name chosen for the hero is nonsensical, and best of all, the hero actually isn’t the hero, the sidekick is. Nothing about this makes any sense at all, and it is grand as a result.

    The Undead

Arguably the worst Roger Corman film they ever did, the plot of this one is so convoluted that Mike says, during a crucial point, “I’ve never known less about what’s happening in a movie”. It’s a reincarnation/hypnotism pop culture grab bag, involving some medieval/mystical time, and has one of the silliest endings I’ve ever seen in a film. When in doubt about what to do with your story, call in Satan.

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